Effortlessly Create
High-Quality LinkedIn Posts

Turn your blogs, videos, and PDFs into full-blown LinkedIn posts with a single click.

Repurpose a blog post in one click

Turn a blog into a LinkedIn post in 3 steps

Start creating LinkedIn posts faster than ever.

Paste, click, edit, publish. Automatically create LinkedIn posts without leaving the platform.

What can you repurpose?

If it has a link, you can repurpose it.

Blogs, Articles, Case Studies

Any text that is publicly accessible by a link.

YouTube Videos

Any public video on YouTube.


Any PDF that is accessible by a link.

What kind of LinkedIn posts can you create?

You have a few levers to pull depending on your objectives and preferences.

Native LinkedIn Post

Repurpose the insights and style of the input as a native LinkedIn post.

Promotional LinkedIn Post

Just want to share a link with a quick promotional blurb? This is it.


Provide a quick summary to share the main points of your content.


Convert your content into a series of Questions and Answers to deliver important insights to your audience.

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